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Free Functional Medicine Initial Treatment with Medicine With Heart

Get your first visit with the Medicine With Heart Functional Medicine Clinic totally for free.

Medicine With Heart is Raffling off a Free Enrollment to: Hack Your Mind Training Course

Want to learn what research says about the importance of hacking your mind and using the power of the mind as part of the treatment plan for healing from disease? In this course which we are raffling away, you will get access to training videos on how to apply daily techniques to use the power of the mind to help you heal. A $197 Value

Evexia Diagnostics is Raffling off: a Clinical CBD Kit

The Clinical CBD Kit™ features the Clinical CBD Softgels™ and Clinical CBD Cream™ that are designed to support the body’s systems naturally through the endocannabinoid system. A $175 Value!

Xymogen is raffling off free products!!!

Xymogen is raffling off the following product bundle ($217 bundle): 2 bottles of CheleX: Detoxificatin and antioxidants 2 bottles of candicial: Antifungal 2 bottles of probiomax complete: Gut repair 2 berberine: Antimicrobial

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is Raffling off a GI-MAP Test

GI-MAP – Revolutionizing the Comprehensive Stool Analysis Microscopy and culture-based tests are familiar, but they have limitations with sensitivity, specificity, and identifying anaerobic organisms. That is why almost no peer-reviewed research studies have used microscopy and culture-based testing methods in over 20 years.

Health Diagnostics Research Institute Nagalase Test

At Medicine With Heart, this is our favorite tests for viruses. Here is a bit more information about the test: Nagalase is an extracellular matrix-degrading enzyme that is secreted by cancerous cells in the process of tumor invasion. It is also an intrinsic component of the envelope protein of various virions, such as HIV and the influenza virus. Thus, it is also secreted from virus-infected cells.

Nagalase deglycosylates the vitamin D3-binding protein DBP (also known as Gc-protein). Gc-protein, which contains three sugars, is the precursor for the major macrophage-activating factor (MAF). By complete deglycosylation, Gc-protein can no longer be converted to MAF.

Normally, MAF is produced from the Gc-protein by sequential removal of the galactose and sialic acid without touching the remaining sugar N-acetylgalactosamine.

Macrophage activation for phagocytosis and antigen presentation is the first step in the immune development cascade. Lost precursor activity, therefore, leads to immune suppression.

Increased nagalase activity has been detected in the blood of patients with a wide variety of cancers like cancer of the prostate, breast, colon, lung, esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, testis, uterus, and ovary, mesothelioma, melanoma, fibrosarcoma, glioblastoma, neuroblastoma, and various leukemias. For various types of tumors, various levels of nagalase activity were found. It appears that the secretory capacity of individual tumor tissue varies among tumor types depending upon tumor size, staging, and the degree of malignancy or invasivenes. Increased nagalase activity has not been detected in the blood of healthy individuals.

Infinite Allergy Labs: Complimentary/Educational FAST Test w/ Zonulin and Histamine

Get a Complimentary/Educational FAST Test w/ Zonulin and Histamine

BioPure Bundle of Free (Raffled) Products

Raffle prize consisting of BioPure CockTail, Cryptolepis, Cistus (tea), and Zeobind. The retail value is $195

Free Ebook for the upcoming Book "Use Your Mind to Heal Your Mold and Lyme"

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Vibrant Wellness Lab Test: Tickborne 1.0, which includes Lyme + TBRF

Win a FREE test for Lyme and Mold from our Sponsor Vibrant Wellness!

Functional Medicine Foundation 6 week course for Doctors and Clinician

This is our 6 week functional medicine training course for clinicians. Want to advance your training in functional medicine? Do so for a great discount. Normally this course is $2000. Use this link to bring the purchase down to $500. That is $1500 in savings!

Dr Donovan is giving away one educational phone consultation with her. This is a 1 hour consultation, and is typically a $350 value!

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Offered by Dr Roz Donovan ND
Mold Allergy vs Mycotoxin Illness

Two different raffle items! 1)Book bundle: Dr. Nicola is giving away a copy of each of her three books as a bundle – The Lyme Diet, Lyme Disease for Beginners, and Lyme Brain.

2) Lyme-Ed For Patients: Dr. Nicola is giving away life-time access to her online course, Lyme-Ed. With over 20 hours of content and various how-to guides, this course contains vital information on treating Lyme disease using an integrative approach.

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Offered by Dr Nicola Ducharme ND
Navigating Treatment Options: Natural Versus...

Quicksilver Scientific is giving away 2 combo test kits - Mercury Tri-Test & Blood Metals Panel - for FREE to 2 lucky winners!

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Offered by Dr Chris Shade PhD
Best Techniques for Effective Mold Detoxification

Free Comprehensive Consultation with Dr. Curatola at Rejuvenation Dentistry/Rejuvenation Health--A ConeBeam scan (CBCT), and a comprehensive consultation with Dr. Gerald Curatola to evaluate possible cavitation areas within the jaw where Lyme spirochetes and mold are known to harbor.

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Offered by Dr Gerry Curatola DDS
The Mouth-Body Connection in Healing Lyme & Mold

1 package of SleepYstrip - Dr Dan Hanson's invention for comfortable mouth taping at night to encourage healthy nose breathing

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Offered by Dr Dan Hanson BDS, MBIBH
Functional Breathing: De-Bunking Myths and...

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Sarah Schlichte Sanchez's children's book entitled "Little Bite, BIG TROUBLE - A Bird's Eye View of Chronic Lyme Disease". This winsome children's book articulates the complexities of parenting with a chronic illness. It gives families a deeper understanding of invisible disabilities and why their lives, households, and daily activities might look different from their friends.

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Offered by Sarah Schlichte Sanchez
Habit Stacking: Using Tiny Habits to Shape...

1 Free Brain Spa Neurostimulation session - Drop into a state of pure bliss using a combination of trans-cranial alternating current neurostimulation, pulsed electromagnetic field (pEMF) therapy, and full spectrum light therapy, as you enjoy healing imagery, binaural beats music, mood-boosting essential oils, and a guided meditation designed to enhance feelings of peace, love, and joy. This session will also include a creamy, nootropic cocoa or other drink of your choice.

**This giveaway is for people local to the Denver, CO area, but can be transferrable to a loved one in the area if the winner does not live close by. Or, come fly in to visit!

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Offered by Dr Ashlie Bell PhD, LCSW, BCN
Neurofeedback: Calm Your Brain to Heal Your Body

Customized Self-Massage Lesson with Laura Rose (online)

Learn effective ways to reduce tension and energy blockages in the body using self-massage and guided relaxation techniques. Learn acupressure, reflexology and lymphatic drainage techniques to create relaxation and vitality. This 60 minute session will take place on a video platform such as Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, or in person if you prefer.

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Offered by Laura Rose Boyle
Home Lymphatic Self Care : Why it's Essential...

1 FREE ticket to one upcoming Go Wellness event for 2021! Details will be posted on our website events page. (This does not include flight and stay but just the ticket to the event and access to the training being provided):

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Offered by Regan Archibald
Peptide Strategies for Lyme and Mold

Get a FREE health coaching session from Lisa Stevens, Lyme Disease and Mold Illness Survivor turned Thriver! (60 minute session)

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Offered by Lisa Stevens
From Chronically Ill to Chronically Still