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Lyme, Fatigue, and the Nervous System: Why exercise can make Lyme worse and how moving and non-moving meditation can help

A Talk by Teacher Li Jing
Principal Teacher, Jing Tai Chi/Sheng Zhen

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About this talk

Many people who are struggling with chronic infections are told that they need to exercise in order to get their energy back. However, the fatigue and pain can be overwhelming. Some overcome those obstacles and exercise anyway only to find the pain and fatigue worse as a result. So many give up on exercise and that leads to worsened health issues resulting from sedentary lifestyle. This is all coupled with a nervous system that feels fried and buzzing without the ability to really relax despite feeling unable to do a lot of activity.

In this talk, we will work to sort through this conundrum and discuss some ways of moving the body that actually generate more energy than they consume, energizing even those with significant chronic fatigue. There will be some demonstration of some ways of moving the body that are unlikely to exacerbate pain and can also be coupled with a state of mind that can reset the nervous system while relaxing the body and restoring a sense of emotional well-being.

Teacher Li Jing

Principal Teacher, Sheng Zhen


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