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May 17, 2021, 09:00 PM

Navigating Treatment Options: Natural Versus Pharmaceutical Choices

A talk by Dr Nicola Ducharme ND
Founder and Medical Director, RestorMedicine Naturopathic Wellness

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Lyme disease and mold illness are two very complex conditions, even more so when an individual is affected by both at the same time. Treatment options vary widely, from energy medicine and homeopathy; to herbs; to strong pharmaceutical agents. It can be confusing for patients to know which path to follow. In this interview, Dr. Nicola shares how she integrates natural and allopathic approaches, to try to get the best results from both worlds. She will discuss commonalities between Lyme and mold illness, and highlight the importance of detoxification and management of inflammation in both.

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“The Importance of Detoxification and How To Do It” (a $50 value).

Dr. Nicola is offering a complimentary enrolment to the module in her Lyme-Ed online course, titled “The Importance of Detoxification and How To Do It” (a $50 value). We are increasingly made aware of the importance of detoxification in Lyme disease and mold toxicity treatment. It can make the difference between a patient who tolerates treatment well and can move forward, versus another who might have significant Herx reactions every step of the way. While this is a module from Dr. Nicola’s course on Lyme disease, it applies equally to mold illness as well.

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